About Us

A story of success



Unparalleled quality and sophistication are the hallmarks of Alfardan Jewellery, trusted by generations. The company was established in 1954 by Ibrahim Alfardan, a man of discerning intellect who instinctively knew the authenticity of precious pearls and other stones based on their form, beauty and brilliance.

This is the foundation, which even today, makes Alfardan Jewellery the jeweler of choice in Qatar and the region. And the legacy lives on. The knowledge and authority of experience in the jewellery industry has been inherited by Alfardan’s heirs and heiresses.

Alfardan Jewellery is a pioneer in the region for holding the exclusive Jewellery and Watches Exhibition for the first time in 1977. It eventually became a public event in 2003 where the world’s finest designers descended to the region to feature their best works – and the rest is history.

The company has launched its own exclusive brand ‘Noudar’. Derived from the ancient Arabic term for ‘gold’, Noudar is an exquisite collection of intricately designed jewelries, born from the acuity of Noor Alfardan, the daughter of Ali Hussain Alfardan, President of Alfardan Jewellery.  Noor has inherited the spirit of elegance and modernity of the family, while keeping a deeply rooted connection to the timeless treasures hidden within Arabian civilizations. Her collections reveal the noble heritage of Arabic and Islamic culture, such as distinctive Omani patterns of mosaics and henna designs.

For Noor’s more adventurous nature, she has successfully integrated her personal taste for watches and horological mechanisms to create jewelry designs that highly values the modern wearer’s comfort, movement and flexibility.