LaBella Story

La Bella, meaning “beautiful woman” in Italian, has become a universal way of describing the beauty associated with the feminine world. La Bella’s jewelry collection pays homage to this enchanting universe of femininity and sensuality.

The LaBella brand was born in Italy, when the jewelry designer and creative force behind LaBella, moved to Venice. He was immediately captivated by the beauty of the city, with its mix of Italian Renaissance art and Byzantine-influenced architecture, a legacy of its past ties as a gateway to commerce between east and west through its ports.

Venice embodies art, elegance, and refinement. Gliding through the labyrinth of its canals in a gondola opens the world of Renaissance art and architecture layered over Byzantine design in a dramatic play of contrasts and strong visual imagery. La Bella’s logo incorporates the Venetian mask, the iconic symbol of mystery, sensuality, and hidden treasure. Thus, the hide-and-seek game on the path to eternal love plays a fundamental theme in the design inspiration of the La Bella collections.

Suhaib’s passion for cultures and history made him fall in love with this city. And, as he delved deeper, he discovered common bonds between himself and the city, and ultimately his intimate love for Venice has made his jewelry designs a homage to this magnificent city.

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