A hymn to elegance and femininity

High Luxury Italian Jewelry designed by Federico Gauttieri.

CASATO has been established in 2004, and since that moment it has always dedicated to the creation and design of high luxury jewelry. Federico Gauttieri is the embodiment of the Casato corporate values, and also founder and artistic director of the brand.

Casato jewels are characterized by avantgarde, oriental suggestion and elegance; all elements that distinguish the brand thank to the constant attention toward quality and harmony of the shapes.

Casato reminds to a luxury with a huge personality, that has an undisputable impact on the jewels international scenario.

Casato Roma considers the most important thing is the customer’s trust and satisfaction. Therefore, the maison wants to transmit as well this value through its creatons and this is also the reason why Casato’s jewels are present in the best shops of the world, among people who appreciate the reliability and personality of the brand.

"A creative and dynamic team tied to tradition but paying attention to the evolution of trends". With this philosophy, Casato elaborates its creations which are proposed to the customers building a unique relationship with them. The strong personality of luxury Casato and the impact of its style at na;onal as international level, made of it a landmark of quality and elegance in today's product offering. These characteristics define Casato as a choice of winning business and trend in the long run. The key elements for Casato great success and reputation are: made in Italy Glamour, the passion for beauty, and the love towards colours. The meaning of colours for Casato is romanticism, joy de vivre, beauty essence, the symbol of Dolcevita.

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