Founded in 2001 by brothers Arto and Saro Artinian, Sartoro offers a boutique fine jewellery line designed on par with cosmopolitan lifestyles and contemporary luxury trends.

Sartoro is a brand inspired by the finest of all cultures, taking inspiration from fashion, lifestyle, and wildlife around the world to create stylish and artistic designs. The brand embeds a romantic attitude to delivering timeless yet original jewellery.

The Sartoro brothers have dedicated their lives to travelling around the world in search of the most beautiful stones, unique craftmanship and vast inspiration for their jewellery. Inspired by the rolling landscapes, Sartoro was founded in Italy, and has continued to develop into the international brand it is today.

Since 2001, Sartoro has built a consistent reputation with their meticulous details, unique forms and designs using the highest quality gemstones. Recognised for staying ahead of the trends, Sartoro’s innovative spirit and audacious creativity breaks the codes of jewellery design in a relentless journey for challenging techniques, astonishing contrasts, and finesse.

Dedicated to make every woman feel special, the Sartoro designs cater to an opulent way of life, and a new way of wearing diamonds and gemstones.

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