Diamonds meeting timeless craftsmanship

Alain Philippe embodies the perfect blend of beauty and quality in luxury watch collections that capture the imagination of connoisseurs of fine timepieces.

Unmatched in craftsmanship and design, Alain Philippe Swiss Watches are magnificent works of art crafted in 18K gold and precision set with dazzling diamonds and precious stones. Swiss craftsmanship and watchmaking tradition combine with high jewellery designs to create models that are both timeless and trendsetting.

Founded 20 years ago by a family of jewellers with more than 100 years experience in jewellery design and creation, the Alain Philippe brand produces an exciting assortment of watch styles, finishes and sizes with meticulous attention to detail—from hand-selected gems to handmade dials of gold

Whether in its classical series or in its casual models, there is always an Alain Philippe watch to make a dream come true; a dream carried on the wrist a lifetime.

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